Reconnect with Insight

Psychedelics &
The Contemplative Path

Video on Demand - originally held between March 31st and May 7th, 2022

Buddhism and psychedelics share a deeply intertwined history in the West. The 1950s and ’60s saw the rapid popularization of both, often among the same communities. Today psychedelic therapies are at the forefront of a revolution in psychological research and clinical treatment.


Scientific legitimation has inspired a renewed and robust debate about the nature of psychedelic experience, how to harness its potential towards the alleviation of suffering, the authenticity of its insights, and their relevance to the contemplative path. This is especially because the most commonly reported “mystical” experiences on psychedelics or “entheogens” are selflessness and connectedness or interdependence––two of the Buddha’s most definitive realizations.


This series features renowned experts in diverse disciplines and traditions, each of whom will offer an individual talk before convening together for a final dialog.

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Join us for this Video on Demand series, featuring unique, educated insights from a collection of diverse viewpoints and disciplines.

Psychedelics, Contemplation, and Realization: State of the Fields

featuring Dan Hirshberg, PhD

Dzogchen & Self-Emergent Experiences

featuring David Germano, PhD

Self-Transformation through Self-Integration

featuring Dr. David Vago

Ceremonial Magic & Native Traditions

featuring A. Raven Cruz

Psychedelic Chaplaincy: Insights and Opportunities

featuring Jamie Beachy, PhD MDiv

The Dichotomy of Perception and Reality

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

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