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Stress Integration Mini-Course

We all need stress integration. We can manage some stress with healthy decision making and a positive attitude, but many of life’s stresses are simply unavoidable. And these stresses impact your physical organ systems which can then lead to other issues. Fortunately, we can integrate the mess of life into our bodies so we get less “stress sick”. This 28 day online course will expand your ability to safely integrate stress for greater resilience, increased well being, and personal empowerment. The engaging curriculum builds a solid foundation through practical yet effective methods purposefully designed to help you create real, lasting transformation. Excellent for beginners, yet inspiring and enjoyable for all levels of experience. Recommended age 15 and up. Requires 1-2 hours per week. Course Includes:
  • 6 Modules
  • 6 Video Lectures
  • 6 Guided Practice Videos
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Supportive curriculum structure for establishing solid home practices
  • Continued access for the life of the program, including future enhancements or updates
*Full course access delivered to your email directly after purchase You Will Learn:
  • Anatomy of Stress
  • Why stress integration matters and how it works
  • Foundational principles of Breath Work
  • Foundational principles of Meditation
  • How to safely perform breath work
  • Establish a solid home meditation practice
  • Simple (but often overlooked) resilience tips
  • Bonus Practices
  • …and more!
Image of Shelby Lafrinere casually leaning in a doorway laughing
Shelby Lafrinere

is a gifted healer, teacher trainer, yoga therapist, health coach, and thriving brain and spinal injury survivor. Offering a unique perspective balanced in theory and personal experience, she is known for her success with pain and stress management, knowledge of modifications, and accessible teaching style. Learn more about her and her vast experience, including student testimonials, at