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The Contemplative Resource Center (CRC) is a unique health and wellness collaboration that offers a variety of services and programs that support the interests and needs of individuals and communities.  We explore the body and mind as an integrated union, and were committed to helping people restore intrinsic, optimal health in alignment with basic wakefulness. We draw from authentic contemplative traditions to create a conscious campus for all in a charming/peaceful guest ranch setting next to the ruggedly beautiful landscape of the Hill Country State Natural Area.


There’s an old cowboy saying: “When in doubt, let your horse do the thinking.” When it comes to personal growth, that’s not a bad idea, and the CRC is the perfect place to unplug, unwind and understand yourself and the world a little bit better. We have the land, we have the horses, and our doors are open.

Return to Yourself 

The CRC offers repose and a “soft reset” for people to find their own path to understanding.  We do this through a focalized approach to wellness that promotes reconnection to self, others and nature. We are a mindful resource, and we support people from all walks of life in developing personal proficiency. In fact, exploration is encouraged—both inner and outer!

Guests choose from many opportunities to scout the surrounding land as well as choose from a diverse menu of programs and trainings in five fields of study and research:


  • The Contemplative Mind
  • Health and Wellness
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • the Creative Arts
  • Nature Appreciation and Environmental Education.

The CRC is also committed to community outreach, and every program we develop is an opportunity to form meaningful connections. If you’re in doubt, “let your horse do the thinking” among the rolling hills of central Texas. Connect with yourself, the environment, and the community.

 “The hill country of Texas. It knew my folks, my family. And my friends. Where wild wings fly. Above the peaceful valleys. By the Pedernales. Please let me sleep beneath the Texas skies”

– Willie Nelson, Hill Country Theme

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